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The Idea Behind Organized Cycling Vacation on the French Riviera

So here we are, already in October (No idea when it did happen).

Sorry for being a bit away, but during the cycling season you cannot but being extra-busy. (Which is good).

Last week, from 9/10 to 16/17 (I will explain in a minute), we hosted a beautiful group of 14 cyclists from both Warsaw (9-16.10) and Krakow (10-17). As there was no flight for the same day, we have to combine two dates. It was another edition of the very same concept of organized cycling vacation we run last October (9-16.10.2021), but like 3 times bigger (14 people instead of 5). I will not make the same extra-effort of describing here the whole thing, day-by-day as I did last year - but you are very much welcome to read through.👇🏻

I need to confess, that I was very much unprepared for this. I had an impression, that everything is going so fast - beginning of October I was employed by Café du Cycliste in Nice. And just before the group came I had my family down on the Côte staying with me in both Antibes / Nice (yes, I've also moved houses in the meantime 😅). So as you can see this was pretty intense time with no easy logistics. But this is how I like it - I excel way better when there's so much to do, then if there's not enough. I just find it hard to strike the right balance in between A LOT and WAY TOO MUCH. My 2023 objective will definitely be how to take on and work less, but more effectively. I guess I am not the only one wishing for more than 24h in a day...

Cafe du Cycliste was where we've started our first day - classic discovery featuring Col d'Eze and of course stop in the very best 'Ma Première Boulangerie' in La Turbie. Then the strongest group continued onwards to Col de la Madone to finish up all together on the Mt Boron with a stunning panoramic view over Nice, perfect for post-ride, sunset beer and contemplation (and integration of course too!)

But this time I will not focus on the order of events, but I will try to answer as best as I can and with the examples to illustrate the following question :

What's behind the organized cycling holiday package ?
  • worry-free luggage transportation - If you have already travelled with the bike in the past then you will have an idea of how troublesome it can get. The idea of organized vacation is to simply pack your cycling stuff along with the bike into one box, get it picked up and then delivered right to the hotel.

  • daily briefings and carefully prepared itineraries - featuring different fitness levels including a GPX file shared after each evening briefing, also each day would have a different thematic (The Red Rocks - French Colorado / The Mythical Passes of The South / French Riviera Like a Local : The Wine Tasting + Azur Balconies / Pasta N'Basta Ciao Italia Ride and many more...

  • guided cycling rides day-by-day - most comprehensive part of the tour and the true 'it'- thanks to the language, the local expertise and inside knowledge

  • food stops - bio wine / craft beer tastings / cheese and other specialties - depending on the thematic of the day - as above

  • restaurant bookings and group dinners / lunches on the way - the key part of the tour is to share the stories from the ascents at the table and integrate as well as try the local specialties

  • local highlights recommendations - for an off-bike day we would prepare a list of recommendations ad. what to see / visit

  • and most importantly - great time spent in a company of like-minded, passionate cyclists

🤙🏻 I think that the pics speak for themselves... : 👇🏻😇

Reach out to me to book a spot for 2023 edition - probably March (Paris - Nice Challenge ) and usual October camp 💙🙌🏻🍷🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🤙🏻

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