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Portrait pic from an IB session
© Ivan Blanco

My name is Aleksandra and I am an English, French, and Polish-speaking cyclist based in Nice, France. I have been traveler and cyclist for 5 years now, leading a nomad lifestyle and traveling in Europe and Canada, before finally settling down on the French Riviera - my new region of adoption.


I am a passionate amateur cyclist - my love for bikes is unconditional and motivated by a sense of freedom and innate curiosity. I was always (and still am;) up to discover some new cycling paths. Now I would like to share this knowledge with you!


I have been working in the travel and event-organizing industry and destination management company since 2017, mostly in incentive travel projects. This experience made me confident about my capacity to create tailored travel programs from A to Z for groups and individuals.


My goal is to design an ultimate vacation being combination of road cycling, exploration of the region, and tasting local food. Thanks to a well-established network of contacts I can offer the „inside” perspective and truly „the best of” cycling in my chosen destination!



AUG 2018 - APR 2019

Poland - Zanzibar 

APR 2017 - AUG 2018

Canada - Poland 

SEPT 2017 - SEPT  2018

France - Cyprus - Italy - Croatia - Romania -Greece - Spain - France - Canada 

SEPT 2015 - SEPT 2016


In the years to come I plan to launch a cycling-related travel agency, focusing mainly on France and Poland, but also parts of Europe (Baltic States, Tuscany & Cinque Terre, Garda & Como lakes, Balkans etc. 

Omar, Dubai

Aleksandra has everything you could expect from a cycling tour guide. She is knowledgeable about cycling and all the best spots to visit around Warsaw. She even took the tour to a specialized cyclist Cafe with some of the best nid-ride snacks I've had in my riding career. Superfeiendly and even able to keep a good pace on the road if you want to go forsone speed. Will definitely repeat.

Joel, Paris

Alessandra an amazing person, great cyclist charming personality, very open minded, she has a multi cultural background and as you would expect a great level of expertise about Warsaw. Cycling with her was without a doubt the high point of my trip to Poland. I recommend her 100%

Cemal, Turkey

Friendly and enthusiastic road cyclist, joyful person makes the tour perfect. Excellent choice for a guided road cycling around Warsaw.

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