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Biked2Life x MJPRO Tour 2021 - French Riviera Romantic Cycling Full Week Experience

She's a cyclist saluting

In October 2021 we were lucky to get our very first hands-on work experience when it comes to handling a cycling group on French Riviera. Before that time, would only get the individual and rather unofficial visits- let’s call the things by its’ name - by friends (Tobias) or family (my dad). It has served us though very beautifully as a test group.

DAY 1 - Mythical Passes of the South Cycling Tour

Col de Braus - 96 km loop / 1350 m of elevation

This col is the main gate to Col de Turini, the famous stage of the Monte Carlo Rally which is held on the tight road with its many hairpins turns - Source: dangerousroads.org

Let me present you a little bit our team - Pawel, Przemek (not in the picture), Karol, and Bartek.

So here they were, all avidly in need of some climbs, sun, and beautiful views. 5 participants (4 cyclists), from 4 different cities of Polan : Warsaw, Krakow, Kielce, and Limanowa (now Coburg)

As they came on Saturday evening, as the first itinerary I chose one of the Mythical Passes - Col de Braus, located northwest of Nice. The decision of doing it on Sunday was mainly motivated by the local, “mountain shelter-like” resto being open only during the weekend - Buvette du Col de Braus, where we gladly tried the traditional "salade Niçoise".

On that very day, we did almost 100 km with 1400 m of a climb with the return the same way - all that to admire the spectacular, less known switchbacks.

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if we wouldn’t stop at local BOULANGE just before attacking the main climb and made the guys try the local specialty - Tourte de Blettes (traditional cake from Nice filled with swiss chard). You can usually get it under two versions - salty or sweet. I prefer salty if you ask me, but this one was not bad at all either !

I really loved the atmosphere - everyone was just freshly out there in the nature - everyone not fully confident yet about their ability to conquest the beast, but very much eager to face it. We finished up the day with some pizza and beers (or Apreols) in Nice in La Storia.

In the evening we’ve settled to go for a little local beers discovery walk in Antibes that guys appreciated a lot - we had a chance to taste some local delicacies from BlueCoast (where I organise Bike & Beer tasting tour - reach out to me directly to book yours) and Brasserie du Comté as well as admire the views of nocturn Antibois old-town.

It was a good day overall and gave me a lots of reasons to be proud of my new group and sure of the fact that the program is well-cut for them !

Stay tuned for some upcoming days & adventures... (6 cycling days!)

PS. If you liked the article- please don't hesitate to share or if you would like to have a similar experience yourself (group or privatized) - you know where to find me.