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Good people, good views, good food !

As simple as that !

In my opinion - these are three elements that make the WHOLE difference. To make the experience complete - you just cannot do without. REALLY, they are just so vital !

Let me explain !

First, the French Riviera region, or, shall I say - France in general, is beyond any doubt, very much proud of its' cuisine - and they are far from being modest in this case!

As long as patisserie comes into play - croissants, flans, pains au chocolate ou aux raisins - they all are worth the place the French attribute them in their culture. It would be a shame to neglect it - they make such a good ride starter / finisher or in-between’er :D

This is exactly what we did with Ivan just at the beginning of our Sunday ride. And also in the end - BIO burger from Vieil Antibes resumes the post-ride foods perfectly ! (maybe not a typical French cuisine - quite the opposite actually as it’s typically very ‚meaty’).

Second, THE LOCATION - being niched between the sea and the mountains consists one of Riviera’ biggest advantages. Especially at this time of the year - you can literally go swimming right after a day in the saddle OR you can go skiing / snowshoeing / hiking - you name it ! Having all these wonders of nature at hand makes this region irresistible to many pros, triathletes or simply - beauty seekers as me & my colleagues.

Last but not least - the PEOPLE. Cote d’Azur is the most international region in the whole France. This is what makes each of the rides SO special and unique - having so many opinions and cultural insights keeps any cycling routine at bay. Here’s our international squad from this Sunday : Chris - US, North Carolina / Gary, the local, France / Sam - US,Georgia (*btw. his girlfriend is Chilean) / Ivan - Espano-Swiss with Romanian gf and of course ME - proudly Polish, but nomad at heart.

The pics credit goes to ONE and ONLY - Ivan Blanco Villar

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