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„Is there any good gravel / MTB riding around Nice ?”

End of July, I took on board some very nice e-MTB, thanks to the courtesy of the CASA A VELO in Sophia Antipolis. It was actually a 2 weeks-long rental of a E-Giant Fathom 3 from 2020.

For those looking for a decent equivalent of this type of bike I would suggest any TREK POWERFLY.

For example this Powerfly FS 9.

Rule of thumb number one - if you don’t have any serious mountain biking experience (especially descending / climbing the big rocks) just don’t embark on technical routes right away.

This is why on this note we chose specifically the itinerary that was supposed to be Gravel. I've found a route via, a repository certified by METROPOLE NICE COTE D'AZUR, which made it look legit.

Well we couldn’t be more wrong. What we thought to be an a quiter and prettier alternative to the road going along the highway, has eventually proven to be a hardcore MTB descend trail, called by the name of local VTT-iste - a mountain biker Yann BEUNARD (RIP - died tragically at the age of 48 during one of many MTB competitions)

Luckily, not all was lost.

I can say first half of the itinerary, although not very gravelly, was a pleasant ascent through less frequented routes of the Riviera, leading us up to the la Revere fortress 👇🏻

If you are looking for some immediate reference and a handy repository of local gravel itineraries - Cafe du Cycliste comes pretty handy - with their GRAVEL ROUTES REPOSITORY.

If you feel like this is something you would like to try and experience for yourself, there you go :

Have a good ride !


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