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Let's go back in 2 year-old me

Yeah you read that right. Because cycling runs in the family since the very beginning !

Cycling family - father, son and daughter - me, dad and my brother

Picture above comes from 1994 ! On the very left it's me on a very old-school bicycle, in the middle my handsome, 36-year old dad by the time (but looking much, much younger in fact) and my 5 years older brother Mateusz. We would make a good team, we would spend almost every holiday just cycling everywhere (forests, seaside, honestly didn't matter until we were gladly moving on two-wheels !

me and my brother - tourists on the bikes!

The tradition continued until our early adulthood. Then there were studies and less free time, first relationships with our boyfriends/girlfriends. Family vacation naturally had to became secondary. But these were good times and we we had much fun !



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