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2020’s SUM UP vs. 2021’s PLANS

Gladly, happily (ever after) 2020 is over!

So many things happen over those 12 months that it feels like double the time !

Here's quick sum of my little-by-little accomplishments :

5 new partnerships established :

-> the offer for TATRA TOUR is already on and ready for your bookings !

Entering in 2021 be like...
  • Pologne à Velo : despite Covid, we’ve managed to organize some guided one-day / weekend excursions during the season (f. exemple the Green Velo discovery - You can read more on it HERE )

  • MJPRO Tour : - hola, y’all Polish people, wanna ride in the sun ? Contact Maciej from MJPro Tour and let us take you for a RIDE !

  • TROFO.Cycling - 100% made in Poland, this apparel brand is ready to rumble the wild wild west ! Thanks for trusting in me with your ambassadorship ! I will not fail to wear it with pride !

- the Home FR : most fresh partnership, established just on the day of my 28th bday (best bday gift ever;) - Read more here-

2021 - BRING IT ON !

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