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Decision made - I am moving to the South for good !

That’s IT ! I am really doing it!

So … yay we can say that it „escalated quickly” - shall I say not that quickly actually ? I have been coming and going every now and then… always in a pursuit of my old-time obligations (finishing studies, thesis defense, escaping the virus, helping my boyfriend with his business…etc).

This time, the moment I reset my foot on my „promised” land it felt different ! It just REALLY felt like going back home. So why wait any longer before calling it my ACTUAL home ? Especially, that I am planning on getting hands on work with the bike business here in 06, as well as some new projects may arise in 2021 (hope to finally get some clients for cycling tours here if the Covid restrictions allow it…). If all feels exactly as it should (which was definitely not the case for me in Warsaw) then why not go for this opportunity ? Surprising how a simple change of setting can impart the level of daily motivation, energy and inspiration!

In my research for the place I „could call home” I was lucky to came across a very nice accommodation (if you book your stay via my affiliate link you I will receive a little somethin' at absolutely no additional cost to you ;) powered by the_home_fr. They target students for short-term period and of course, all the tourists visiting the region via Airbnb platform during the peak season. When I visited the apartment in Juan les Pins it was an instant crush, I didn’t hesitate a single second afterwards. Within 24 hours I had my lease signed, the caution paied and was enjoying a luxury of peace of mind combined with this very beautiful perspective for 2021.

Pictures by courtesy of @the_home_fr

Wanna see more accommodation options on French Riviera ? There you go :

Stay tuned for next article I’m going to release soon on beautiful Mimosa Bloom Trail Cycling Tour (almost as yellow as my future couch 🌼)

Available for booking via Airbnb here

If Airbnb is not necessarily "your cup of tea" then I recommend going for good ol' Tripadvisor

Or a handy pick up from a map offered by Hotellook :

Some more pictures from the Mimosa Road tour to give you an idea -

Pictures by courtesy of @ivan_blanco_villar

PS. Happy birthday TO ME.

I am 28 years old today :)

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