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The Magic of Social Commuting - When in 9-to-5 cycling is your rescue

Can you guys tell it's October already ?

Jesus Christ, like, when did it happen ?

Trying to catch the last rays of the sun before the off-season autumnal vibe finally hits ?

Well, if you are not lucky to have those 300 days of sun in the year at reach - then you better be quick !

she's a cyclist Aleksandra commutes

But, it's probably (as like many things in life) easier said than done. Outside of work (if you are on a 9-5 basis) there's not much time left to do other things. You always have the weekend - but then again it's pretty hard to get two solid days of cycling if you still have some other projects going on and want to get some social life (psst - cycling gives a beautiful opportunity for socialising - just look at the pics!)

With my commute pal - Ivan - we finally got a chance to get an update on our lifes a bit, profiting from surprisingly not busy morning routes. But what would be a true social commuting ride without a "cafe & croissant" ? (well, many of them!)

She's a cyclist Aleksandra coffee & cake break is a must when cycling

Omg, these were so good ! Croissants, but also - Barbajuan - specialty from Monaco, fried round cakes filled up with Rice and Spinach.

On the total (back and forth home-work) we did 60 kms. The second part being a true pain in the ass with everyone coming back from work in an inexplainable rush. I hope to keep up this habit though - thanks to the local infrastructure it's possible to take the bike on the train in the morning and then cycle only the way back. (if not necessarily happy about getting to the office all sweaty and going straight to take the shower).

There are true perks of keeping up this regular physical activity. I feel a huge progress already in comparison to the very beginning of the year, when I was just getting stared with French Riviera chapter. What I mean by progress is not getting overly tired, enduring climbs normally and recuperating easily after practically any ride. Like this you integrate cycling into your system for good - and you never feel there's something missing + you get some nice & tangible effects out of it (especially if you also take care of how much and what you eat). To me it seems like a pretty fair deal that I hope to keep in place even during colder (but not less sunny) winter months.

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