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Back at where it all start and where I belong! BIENVENUE SUR LA COTE D’AZUR!

-„Hello, welcome back, salut toi! „👋🏻

-„Ca va, t’es venue de Varso direct, ou tombe du ciel ? Ca fait un petit moment, Bienvenue Aleksandra!”

-„How are you? All good ? You came directly from Warsaw or fell from the sky ? It’s been a while, Welcome Back Aleksandra! „


So nice to hear all those phrases - meaning there are still people that were missing me and it makes my heart warm to see them all back and ride with them :)🇫🇷💋🇵🇱

And yeah this week has been a bliss - I came back to the South for the whole off-season, but not to be lying on the beach, but to be busier than ever! To me, the season actually starts now 😅

Since I came last Sunday I have already :

  • Done almost 350 km with above 4000 m of elevation! 🏆🆙

  • Seen some part of my friends (with another part remaining <3) and met some cool locals 🍻

  • Revisited some of my favorite routes / villages and discovered new ones! ⭐️

  • Enjoyed the sea, the sun, the wind and…some rain unfortunately too! 🌊☀️🌨

  • Took tons of notes & pictures and already reworked some of my old itineraries in order to have some fresh stuff for specially you ! 💥📸

ALSO - I have set up (finally) my Pinterest account,

where I will be sharing some of my favorite routes ! Don’t hesitate to book me for a tour while I still have spots available ;) 🙌🏻🗓

Special thanks to @trofeo.cycling for a new kit <3

Looks like it fits perfectly the French Riviera vibe! 🌴

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