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Cycology St. Tropez Ride 200 km 2020 ed.

It’s been a huge tradition down there….the St. Tropez ride takes place each year since 2012! The 8th edition of Cycology Ride from Antibes to St. Tropez was my second time. Last year I couldn’t participate because of my accident in October! It was definitely not that glorious as it looks in the pictures below, because I basically wanted fell on my pretty face while trying to take a sip from my water bottle! (remember to have your hands at the handle bar at all times!)

Sooo I have spent our dreamed cycling vacation on Mallorca literally just lying beside the pool and doing absolutely nothing…Not the best relax of my life if you ask me! Since I embarked on my road cycling adventure I just can’t imagine holiday without the bike! Best effort, best memories, best time is always those shared riding among cycling pals!

Luckily for me I had best bodyguard imaginable by my side - my boyfriend Chris

But, I wasn’t going to brag about our last year Mallorca trip, but to tell you how awesome it is to be here among my cycling friends, very often people of many origins and nationalities, reunited by one passion - cycling ! This is exactly why I chose this region to be my new homeland and I feel like I really belong here! Here I really feel like I am ALIVE!

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