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VIVE LA FRANCE ! - Chapter 2. - Montpellier

Hello again, did you miss me ? :)

So moving back on the timeline a little once again, we’re now in the summer of 2016 !

Back in those days, I was still riding MTB, so it was an obvious decision to take it with me on the next trip to France - this time I started my internship well in advance and ended up in a lot more livelier place - Montpellier (south of France). My two-months internship at 3* apart-hotel passed outstandingly quickly - so many things happened during this relatively short time period.

First, my dearest bike got stolen. After a week of waiting (because I had it sent to my by post) and then a week of cycling…it was gone. That’s it - I’ve learned the hard way not to leave any bike ever (even attached) for more than necessary. But I am also a woman - „I will just check what's new at H&M for a sec.” Turned out I spent more than an hour and when I was done shopping, my dearest Garry Fisher wasn’t waiting for me anymore. OF course I went to the police station immediately, but it didn’t give any result. I was heartbroken.

Few days passed and I seriously started missing cycling. I was actually going crazy without my bike. Completely by chance 2016 was a year when 11th stage of Tour de France stage was starting in from the central square of Montpellier. I had to be there and see all the PROs with my own eyes! Sagan, Majka, Kwiatkowski…all of them on these beautiful, shiny, road-bikes. The vibe during the event was amazing ! I even bought a TDF souvenirs (so cheesy, haha) - my very first cycling cap & water bottle !

When I came back home I immediately started to look for a new bike. Of course, I couldn’t afford a new one, so I focused only on second-hand pieces. I was just casually scrolling „le bon coin” (French website with good, local deals and used equipment of all kind), when I saw it… and my heart has stopped for a second and I knew that … IT’S THE ONE ! And that’s how I got my first road-bike ever - a steel frame 540 Cobra from Decathlon ! But I really the way owner pimped it up by adding yellow tires. To me it was a perfect match for acceptable price of 100 EUR. And what's MOST important - it was matching my new accessories and I could ride in style ;) !

Cobra - my favorite (and first) yellow road bike of all time
Isn't she lovely.... <3 <3 <3 !!!

I remember very well the mix of excitement and anxiety that I felt during our first ride back home. Luckily I had only downhill (didn’t have to shift any gears, ha) straight way home. I was very impressed by the speed of this little thing and found a position a bit odd and even uncomfortable, but after few rides I got used to it. This was so-called „coup de foudre” or in English - love at the first sight. These were two very happy months of unconditional affection and of course cycling. On my dearest Cobra I could go faster, further and even beyond unexpected ! Before I the next chapter which was… my University exchange in Canada, Ottawa! Stay tuned for more adventures….

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Don't hesitate to drop me a message if heading to Montpellier area and looking for an inspiration for cycling routes / tips !

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