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POLAND NOW - Feels good to be back home (sometimes…)

My big come back from Canada, was marked by sleepless nights and by a journey of reestablishing myself again in Warsaw. But first things first - I need a bike. I couldn’t live without - any attempt to use public transport or cars seemed such a waste...So this time I stuck to a second hand bike again -an old type Peugeot, from the ’80 - slightly too big for me, but it didn’t matter at the time. I only needed it to commute freely in the city.

Vintage bike - Peugeot - parked alongside of the road

But, at the end of the day, A TRUE CYCLIST needs at least two bikes - one for commuting and other one for sport ! Dear readers, please, meet SIGA :

Aleks with her new carbon bae - Siga

It was already October and when I bought her, so basically it would not seem feasible to cycle too much together due to the low temperatures. So the number was exact - 2 times - is how often we rode together before the serious winter started. When the season came back, it was time to do a proper bike fitting. To my unpleasant surprise it turned out this bike was too big for me ! After some serious mental struggle and dressing up pretty long list of pros & cons I had to let this one go too. But don’t worry, she has found a proper, foster-rider. Thanks to that switch another female cyclist had a chance to get her cycling passion up to the next level ! And you know what ? It wasn't long before I found a proper companion too. Meet officially my current gear :

Aleks' current gear - Lapierre 600 FJD Pulsium
Lapierre 600 FDJ Pulsium Full Carbon size XS - the fastest & the hottest babe in town. She rules !
This is how happiness looks like - Aleks with here newly delivered carbon bike!
Couldn't put into words the excitement when I got her !

It was an instant crush. It’s been 2 years now since I got her, and I couldn’t be happier with any other bike. Went through so much together. First I had a chance to try her out on Polish flats, before taking her with me right to where she belongs - to France!

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