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The Colorful Cyclist + She's a Cyclist = Biked2Life ! Join Us For Cycling Vacation of a Lifetime !

Biked2Life Departure Lounge Virtuoso Member

I feel a slight discomfort writing this entry - not because I am not sure about the content. It's because it's been SO long that I haven't published a single sentence on my Blog that I feel like i forgot how to write ! The creation flow is something I haven't experienced in a while... BUT things kept happening and still are. So let me proceed with a little update to get you back on track with all the ongoing projects !

First, we're 19th of May as I am writing this it is the so-called Jour-J - Grand Opening of Everything here in France. Restaurants, Hotels, Cinemas, Theaters - you name it (strange how we learn to appreciate things we used to take for granted!) Anyway, it's a part of governmental action of finally unfreezing the country (that lasts until 9th of June).

*DISCLAIMER - Publications goes on AIR on 20th (I wouldn't be myself if I managed it all on time lol)

A little longer than a month ago, one little dream came true and finally my second half - Chris (the_colorful_cyclist), has joined me in the French Riviera Chapter. So now there's two of US - meaning - 2 x 2 wheels, 2 x energy 2 x passion and 2 x more colours. And we feel like we've just started second life - that's more or less the story behind our new project - Biked2Life

After years of figuring out what is it in life that we really want to do, what is the TRUE value, after an episode of building cycling apparel business completely from scratch (Chris) and being in tourism industry & event organizing (me), we realized that offering experiences rather than things is what bogs us most. Add the cycling passion & local expertise and you got all the elements on board.

So here, Ladies & Gentleman, here I can officially communicate that we have just become admitted as Virtuoso and Departure Lounge affiliate Travel Advisors (as Bike Specialists for Europe). Those who’ve been a bit in the industry, know it’s a BIG DEAL. Virtuoso it’s like a an exclusive network of best local travel advisors, specializing in their particular niche (cycling / active holiday for us) based on human connection. Departure Lounge, on the other hand is their partner global agency based in Texas, specializing exactly in providing insider experiences worldwide from a very well-traveled and helpful professionals (US).

Let me pass the link to our website - where we will feature all of current offers for bike trips. If you want to visit Poland / French Riviera / Italy (especially Garda region - Chris’s „Coup de Coeur”)

Stay tuned and follow us also on INSTAGRAM - @Biked2Life - we will not miss to put some interesting super fresh stories + we just bought a DJI pocket camera to offer you best quality video footage that you will be able to discover on our YT channel soon !


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