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Those who resemble each other, assemble together

Qui se ressemble, s'assemble. - French Proverb.

Do you know the feeling, when you meet someone and things just start to vibe between the two of you straight on ! Like, it's clicking, you feel like there's not even that much of a need to explain nor present yourself in detail, because you are "on the same wavelength".

This is what we have experienced with our amateur cycling friend - Tobias, that has visited us for 4 days.

Despite a pretty "espresso" mode of his stay (Weekend+) he still got to do some pretty solid cycling itineraries together - the classics like Col d'Eze + Monaco / Nice / Cannes, but also some more challenging ones - like Col de la Bonette ( I personally was not doing these ones this time, but Chris did the guiding gladly).

Few words of introduction - Tobias is pretty fresh to road cycling, but has aleready achieved some amazing things in a cycling world. When I say that, I mean he only started 2 years ago, the main reason of it being his motivation to loose some weight (as oftentimes happens helth being the primarily factor for taking up a sport). He started with MTB and just by increasing the distance little by little, he now has over 25 000 km more in "legs" and about 30 kg of weight less. The true passion was born and alongside with it - his social media alter "ego" - Cycleblood. Since he's started, he managed to build a vibrant community of likeminded passionate amateur cyclists, from 0 to 6000 followers within a year.

Through cycling, he acts for rising the awarness of drivers and at the same time helps cyclists gain more recognition in general. He organises the amateur charity ultra-rides, held now annually - with two distances to chose from - 350 and 650 km, as a commemoration of tragic death of our fellow female cyclist - Anna Karbowniczek, killed in a car crash while cycling back home from work in September 2020.

Since then he became a true, one of a kind community manager and advocate for all the cycling amateurs and people not affraid of pushing their limits. He's completed some crazy ultramarathon races in Poland like a Ring of 1000 lakes (600 km solo ride through the Polish Masuria region) or Baltyk-Bieszczady Tour - a 1000 km ride) Well, to sum up, his amazing energy and positive, yet still very much human and easy-going approach to cycling inspires people all around Poland, both for a change and for a challenge.

We were honored to have been your guides and happy that you enjoyed the whole experience so much ! Hope to see you back soon in our neighborhood and looking forward to many exciting projects to come ! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring !

Cycling friends on red carpet Cannes cycleblood, she's a cyclist & the colorful cyclist

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