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VIVE LA FRANCE - Chapter 3. - French Riviera !

You are maybe wondering by now, how did I manage to end up as an event project manager in the South of France while I just started as an Erasmus intern receptionist at hotels that nobody knew ? Let me briefly explain.

Aleks and an ex-colleague from work at Mazurkas Tarvel

The moment I came back from Canada I was on the life crossroads. I still had a year of my studies left and a thesis to write, so I had to stay in PL for a while. At that time I felt that travels are definitely my thing and I already had some experience at hospitality sector. My French and English were also very much ok after using them constantly abroad. This gave me the advantage over other candidates and though I didn’t know much about the position itself, I applied to work as an Incentive projects manager at MAZURKAS TRAVEL. This was a turning point in my career.

Do you know the feeling, when all the things you have in life are in perfect harmony ? The moment, that everything just feels like it should, no need for any adjustments ? Well, this is how I felt at my new job - it was creative (I had to design a complete Incentive travel programs for corporates visiting Poland for business), it required organization-skills (you put all your design into practice in realization phase) and it gave some sense of responsibility and autonomy (you were responsible for your own ideas, but had complete freedom when it comes to design - as long as the client was happy about it). This is how I started my career in event-organizing.

Aleks in the middle of event-organising rush

That’s how my 3rd French chapter started. I signed a half-year contract as a Project-Manager Assistant in Juan-les-Pins. My office was just 300 m from the seaside and at the beginning I would just spend my every single lunch break on the beach, calling all my Friends and relatives on videoconference! The work itself was amazing and interesting too and I got to be a part of many exciting projects - like 110th anniversary of L’Oreal, organized in March 2019.

Aleks at L'Oréal 110 anniversary in Paris - La French.Art of Hair Coloring

If you wanna know :

  • What are the best rides & must-do in the region and why

  • Where should you eat & what to see

  • Where to stay & how to get there

Check out my „FRENCH RIVIERA” section :)

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