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What’s the weather like in April on Cote d’Azur? Pre-season cycling on French Riviera.

If you are anything like me - always on a look out for optimal combination of factors for best local experience possible, then you might have already found yourself asking a question: which off-season month is best to visit French Riviera for cycling ?

So here we are, Easter is over, we’re entering into pre-season phase.

„April weather, rain and sunshine - both together."

Have you heard this saying before ? Couldn't be more true !

As we exit Nice we had the sun in the back. Deeper we went in the interior - gloomier it became. Happily we were greeted by slight sunshine on our way back - as if the sun was guiding us back to town!

Usually April would be my top performance month. BUT After being sick with covid a little more than a month ago I am slowly getting back there. So April would definitely be the month that I would ride A LOT. So dynamic, so many things going on - especially cycling / tourism-wise and you really feel the things starting to pick up again - like a Springy vibe is back in town again ! And it gets even better (yet slightly more expensive) in May.

This year is different. Quiet, too quiet ! Unfortunate, for so many little gems of local businesses - especially those from most impacted sectors. Please, think about them when booking your post-corona vacation !

Last weekend the conditions were close to perfect. Fresh, not too sunny, with little touch of mystery thanks to the clouds. There was a slight risk of rain in the afternoon, but it only motivated us to start earlier. With my cycling squad (locals from Nice - Ivan, Sam, Alexandro) & Elias ( my newly met neighbor from Antibes) we scheduled to ride a loop that I called a „Cafe du Cycliste Classic” - as it used to be featured by them very often as a Saturdays’ Cappuccino Ride organised back in the days by Cafe du Cycliste.

Ivan (our photographer) / Sam / Alexandro / Elias / me - Elias / Alexandro / me / Sam

You’ve probably noticed that all of the names sound a bit foreign… ? Well, welcome to the French Riviera !

One of (ooh, so many) huge perks of this region is its’ internationality. To me, it’s essential, but I can also understand that it’s not everyone’s „cup of tea”. So Spain / US / Greece / Liban & Poland it was ! United by cycling passion, positive attitude, welcoming personality.

Do you also agree that riding with likewise minds makes the whole difference ? If you do and wish to book a ride with me in May or June - don't hesitate to drop me a message! For accommodation options I recommend basing yourself in Nice, you can already start browsing with the user-friendly map below provided by Hotellook :

Hope to cycle together soon !

Stay Safe & Ride On (Always with a Smile)

Col de Quatre Chemins on the finish, tired but always with a smile Aleksandra She's a Cycling the local legend

Bisous, She's a Cyclist

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