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POST-COVID XMAS GIFTS TRENDING: give an experience, NOT an object!

Hello everyone,

This post will be quite different from the usual stuff I publish. Mostly because we are end of November, meaning that BLACK WEEKEND is ON, which will then go-on to the Cyber Monday to finally transform into the usual Xmas Shopping Spree.

This year was also very different from all the years we’ve experienced before. The reason for it is cut and clear (and also starts with C…). It took it’s biggest toll on tourism & hospitality sector,(all of my colleagues and peers - my heart is with you)

This is why, through my website, I am addressing you all, my future customers as well as all of you looking for an inspiration for Xmas gifts. If you consider buying another store-made thing, a mass-produced object- PLEASE think TWICE. Because, MAYBE, it’s possible to make this gift a double - to the person interested and to a local business.

Think about your local restaurants, small businesses - what can I do to help them out survive through this difficult times ? Order a take-out and organise this one of a kind, romantic dinner ? A travel voucher, for a family-run establishment ? Or a unique travel experience somewhere where the sun shines every day? Now is your time to support local business & those who need it most.

Check out my French Riviera Discovery Cycling Tour - plenty of slots for 2022 !

Here some more pictures to give you an idea how is it to cycle under the full off-season sun !

Photo credit : Ivan Blanco Villar


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