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Story of One Very Nice Lunch Ride: Why is it worth to go off the beaten path? Cycling North of Nice

What if I told you Spring's already here on French Riviera ? Literally, the temperatures hit 20 degrees almost every day, plants start to bloom and you can easily go out cycling in shorts (if you choose to ride in a mid-day). Just have a look below - pictures are more powerful than words:

She's a Cyclist looking at mansion

This is a perfect exemple of the 'arrière pays' cycling in an explorer mode. Even though we had only 2 hours on our hands - still it was meant to be a proper lunch break ride during work-day, we didn't forget nor neglect the core to romantic cycling. Going North of Nice have opened-up some beautiful new routes and places we have never seen before - like the house of Swiss artist - Ben Vautier or the Cascades de Gairaut

Can you imagine, non of the above was planned beforehand ?!

We just heard this humming sound of water running down somewhere and figured out - lets see if there's a waterfall ? Same with the house - we just couldn't pass it by like that, not to stop and take some pics. Good that my cycling buddy felt this "urge" to go and check what's in the waterfall vicinity - that's were he also captured cute church and we discovered the "mansion".

I really love this "vagabond" side of cycling with Ivan (he's btw, a very skilled photographer, a blogger himself and an author of a book on his bike pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago (ebook version coming soon !). With Ivan we already did some many rides and cycling trips together like the Route of Mimosas, the Coastal Blues or the Tatra Tour of 2019 (ah, good ol' pre-COVID times...) and still more are to come in the future. If you feel this is something you would like to do too, feel free to drop me a message and I can help you organize your Cote d'Azur stay as well as navigate you through all the current sanitary restrictions, assist with bookings and of course, provide the best guided experience possible !

What would the lunch ride be without the LUNCH at the end !

Little disclaimer - since last week I have the pleasure to ride in Shutt Velo Rapide cycling apparel that I received as a part of my ambassadorship. The kit you see in the picture - Geneva Jersey & Navy Tourmalet Tights are both available in Men's and Women's version I must stay I am impressed how well they fit ! Besides, I am completely hell over heels about the design and the fact that they match my LaPierre colors so perfectly !

Shutt Velo Rapide AB10 discount coupon Shutt Velo Rapide

For those itching to turn their dream-stay into reality I am leaving a handy map from Hotellook so you can already pick up your spot in Nice right-away :

See you soon on Côte d'Azur


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